AB 2352: California Assembly Bill on Psychiatric Advance Directives

May 3, 2024

California Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin introduced AB 2352 in February 2024, and it is currently in review.

Since the 1990s, mental health preferences have been hidden in the more common Advance Health Care Directive. With the development of a user-friendly digital Psychiatric Advance Directive (PAD) platform, this bill recognizes a standalone PAD as a document that empowers individuals to assert their preferences and needs during times of crisis.

AB 2352 is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity. It not only reduces the stigma of a behavioral health condition but also ensures accessibility for all individuals, including people who are unhoused or those living with co-occurring conditions. This bill also acknowledges the need for digital transformation and the vital role of trusted outreach workers or peer support specialists in facilitating and witnessing this document.

AB 2352 emphasizes the importance of reducing recidivism of incarceration and hospitalization through personalized care and sensitivity, underscoring the potential impact of the standalone PAD on improving outcomes for individuals experiencing behavioral health crises.

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